Terms & Conditions



By commissioning me, you agree to the following:

  • You are 18 years of age or older.

  • I reserve the right to make prints/otherwise use any finished art.

  • I reserve the right to refuse any commissions I'm not comfortable doing.

  • I reserve the right to issue a full refund at any time if I no longer feel comfortable working with a client.

  • I work from a queue. Please allow a minimum of 8 weeks working time.

  • You CAN print your piece, use it as an avatar or on your blog, etc. Credit me where possible, links preferred.

  • You CAN'T colour or edit the work, claim it as your own, or use the piece for profit.

  • My signature STAYS ON THE PIECE. If you crop it or edit it out, we'll have a big problem.

  • You are responsible for your own financial situation. I cannot issue refunds for failure to manage personal finances or obligations.

  • You'll get a full resolution file for digital commissions, no mailing involved;

  • You'll get the physical work mailed to you for traditional commissions, see S+H for more info.

Payments & Refunds

  • Prices are in USD.

  • Payment is due upfront.

  • I’ll send a PayPal invoice! Any other payments will be returned.

  • Cancellations are only possible in the sketching stage. You'll get a refund minus a 20% fee for the work already done. Refunds past this point are not possible.

  • Do not open a PayPal dispute without contacting me to discuss the issue! I will take legal action if I feel I'm being taken advantage of - be nice!


Shipping & Handling

  • Traditional pieces will be mailed, with the estimated shipping & handling included in the cost.

  • I'll make every effort to ensure the piece is well protected and gets to the commissioner safely, but once delivered to the post office, it's out of my hands. I'm not responsible for work lost or damaged in the postal system.


The commission process

  • To commission me, select the desired option on the ‘prices’ page and fill out the form under ‘click here to order.’ Include what you're interested in and refs, if you have any.

  • If I accept your commission, I'll email you back with a quote. If you accept, I send the invoice and ask for any other required info.

  • I’ll send you a sketch for approval for inked and coloured pieces.

  • You get one free redraw during the sketch stage. Any changes past that will be 20% of the total cost. Be specific and check well!

  • Once a piece is finished, I can’t make any major changes.

  • For tumblr, please reblog the piece from me. Do not repost.


Won't do

  • Underage (clean art of young characters is fine)

  • Bestiality

  • Scat, vomit, vastly oversized bits

  • MLP, Sonic OCs

  • Gutspill, nail horror (other guro is fine)

  • Anything hateful

  • I will draw dubcon but I reserve the right to turn down any scenarios that make me uncomfortable.  Just ask!

Will do

  • Badges, portraits, pinups and more for the furry community - humans too!

  • Fanart, OCs, character design for tabletop/larp etc

  • NSFW!

  • Blood, guro, horror, monsters

  • Most kinks

  • Very little fazes me, if it’s not on the ‘no’ list it’s probably fine!